Want to get fit in 2022? Try one of these water sports

Want to get fit in 2022? Try one of these water sports

By Anita Rosebury

| Jan 17 , 2022

We are all aware of the old saying “New Year, New You!” and there is no time like the present to get fit for summer 2022. We know how easy it is after Christmas to slip into hibernation mode, especially as the weather gets colder. However, throwing on your wetsuit and heading out on the water is a great way to make you feel refreshed, and beat those New Year blues!

Getting back into an old hobby, or starting a new one, is a great way to boost your mental health while helping you get back in shape for summer when the good weather finally arrives.

To help inspire you, we’ve pulled together some of the best water sports to help you get fit in 2022.

Open water swimming

At the top of our list of water sports to try in 2022 is open water swimming - which is sometimes also called cold-water or wild swimming. Like many other people looking for some freedom during lockdown periods, we have become big fans of the buzz that open water swimming provides. It is not only a fantastic way to stay healthy by burning calories and boosting your immune system, but helps you to fight off cabin fever as well.

It is vital that you keep yourself safe, however, by wearing the right equipment and checking tide times carefully. Ease yourself into the water slowly to prevent shock, and make sure you don’t spend too long in the cold. When you get out, you should wrap yourself in one of our booicore changing robes which will keep you dry and warm, while also enabling you to get changed easily before you get back in your car.

Canoeing or kayaking

If you are not sure about immersing yourself totally in the water, why not try canoeing or kayaking? Both of these water sports combine cardio and resistance training which will help you get in tip-top shape for the summer. Paddling to control either craft requires you to have a large amount of both upper and lower body strength, particularly when it comes to your core muscles. One benefit of canoeing or kayaking is that it can help to get your heart rate up without too much of an impact on your joints - which can often be a problem with land-based sports like running.

Another benefit of this water sport is that it is flexible enough to allow you to get fit in an effective way, regardless of how fit you are initially. Beginners can start off with slow and calm paddles, while more experienced enthusiasts can try longer and more challenging paddles. Make sure you check out our rules of the sea before you set off - just to be safe.

Paddle boarding

Another effective way of working your core muscles is to take up paddle boarding. This water sport is a great way to get fit without feeling like you are doing a high-intensity workout, and it burns loads of calories too. Gliding along the water on your paddleboard is also wonderful for your mental health as it is very relaxing and allows you to experience a wide range of nature.

The other benefit of this water sport is that it is a great one to get your kids involved in. For more information on getting your kids involved check out our blog on introducing your child to stand up paddle boarding.


If paddle boarding doesn’t appeal, then how about surfing your way into summer 2022? Surfing requires a great deal of cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength, perfect for good heart health and building muscle as well as promoting weight loss.

If you do try surfing, then you may find that you spend hours in the water at a time, so make sure you invest in a high-quality wetsuit and have a hot drink waiting for you when you get out. It may also be worthwhile grabbing a towelling robe to help you keep warm while you dry off.

Combining comfort and convenience, the booicore changing robe is the answer to your outdoor changing struggles and is just what is needed after a long day of adventuring. Check out our range of adult changing robes and kids changing robes online.