About Us


What do you get when you cross a husband who loves extreme sports with a wife who works in garment manufacturing? Booicore.

Julian is a keen windsurfer, mountain biker and all-round sports fanatic who has subsequently spent years dealing with the struggle of getting changed outdoors. Frustrated with the lack of quality changing towel options on the market, he turned to his wife Anita for help.  They put their heads together, and the Booicore changing towel was born. Combining convenience and comfort, it proved to be the answer to the outdoor changing ‘struggle’, and just what was needed after a long day of adventuring.

The success of the changing towel has led to the introduction of other products to the Booicore range, including T-shirts, Dirtbags, Gym Bag and a Laundry Bag. Everything we create is high quality, durable and designed with you, the user at the heart of the design.