About Us

Probably the best changing towel in the world!

That’s right – when it comes to the booicore Changing Towel you won’t find better quality anywhere else. That’s because the booicore Towel was built for purpose from my own struggles and experience. If you’ve ever tried to get changed outdoors after surfing, windsurfing, swimming or a day at the beach then you will know that the struggle is real!

As a sports fanatics that has ruined many a towel I decided enough was enough. There must be a solution that would 1. Cover my dignity and 2. Stop me ruining the towels from home. Basically when emerging from the sea or a lake soaking wet there are 2 choices – risk getting arrested for indecent exposure or face the wrath of the wife after ruining yet another towel! Now which one would you prefer? If like me it’s neither then the booicore Changing Towel is the solution.

I tried other changing towels. The first one was more of a damp squib than a solution to drying. After one use it practically fell apart. I then bought another – again the quality of these stack them high, sell them cheap options wasn’t up to much so I decided that we could do it better.

As a keen windsurfer myself and a few of my fellow windsurfer friends, along with my long suffering wife Anita who worked in garment manufacturing, decided exactly what we needed from a changing towel and the booicore Changing Towel was born. Now it is used by windsurfers, open water swimmers, triathletes and many other sporting enthusiasts up and down the country. The booicore was produced by real people – we know what you need from a changing towel and we are sure you will agree! Besides – it is far cheaper than a fine for indecent exposure!