Family christmas gift ideas from booicore

Family christmas gift ideas from booicore

By Anita Rosebury

| Dec 06 , 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - the cake is made, the trees are getting decked and Father Christmas is busy loading his sleigh. You’ll have to agree that everyone deserves a treat this Christmas, especially after the year we have just had - not least the adrenaline junkies in your family who have been unable to enjoy the great outdoors as much.

 To help you in your search for family gift ideas, we have pulled together this list of booicore items that are perfect for everyone in your family.

 Kids - a booicore kids changing robe

Perfect for any of the kids in your family, the booicore kids changing robe comes in royal blue, aqua, pink, lilac or orange. The cosy hood and big pocket make it perfect for after their bath or swimming, while it’s also long enough to keep them covered on the beach too.

Adults - a booicore changing robe

The best gift for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors, the booicore changing robe is available in navy blue, turquoise, British grey, hot pink, satanic red, royal blue, orange, cyan, death metal black, violet, silver surfer and dolphin blue.

 Not just for the beach, the booicore changing robe will also prove invaluable on those damp walks back from the showers when you are camping, or even just as a snuggly layer to wear when watching Christmas movies.

 Explorers - a booicore dirtbag

Whether they are exploring the world, or only getting as far as the local woods, the booicore dirtbag is perfect for those family members who like to throw everything into one place and go! It is the perfect travelling companion after all.

 Fitness fanatics - a booicore kit bag

The booicore kit bag is the perfect size to keep your booicore changing robe in, when you’re out on the beach or mountain bike trails, or even the gym. Keep it in your boot for ease of access. Also a great gift for the little swimmers or footballers in your life.

 Stocking fillers

We’ve also got plenty of things that you can pop into their stockings as well:

Make sure you get your family Christmas gifts right this year, with the wide range of fantastic items for adrenaline junkies here at booicore.