An Adventurers Christmas Gift Wish List

An Adventurers Christmas Gift Wish List

By Anita Rosebury

| Dec 04 , 2017

If you have someone in your life who loves the great outdoors, then you probably know that what they really want for Christmas is something that is going to make their adventuring not only easier but more fun too. Taking the time to stop and think about what they really want will tell them "I care what you care about" without you having to say a word.

To help you in your quest to find just the right thing for the adventurer in your life (or even yourself) we have pulled together this list of Booicore gift ideas for you. We don't just sell surf changing towel's you know!

For the Fitness Fanatic - a Booicore Gym Bag (£10.99)

We all know someone who likes to head down the gym to keep themselves in shape - whether it be for a particular sport or they just like to look good. What they need then, is our Booicore gym bag which is not only oil and water resistant, but features a large inner pocket, mobile phone pocket and key loop as well. Available in orange, orange or orange - well we don't want you to lose it! - it also works well as a kids swimming bag, football kit bag or even for carrying your bike gear in.

For the Student - a Booicore Laundry Bag (£4.99)

We know that all the average student wants for Christmas is food (lots of it) and some clean clothes (we don't buy into stereotypes at all)! So, why not help them out by giving them one of our awesome laundry bags? Tried and tested to take on even the dirtiest of jobs, they can use it to keep all their dirty clothes in one place....until they bring them home for mum (or dad) to wash. Happy days!

For the Explorer - a Booicore dirtbag (£26.99)

With the dirtbag on their back, there will be no stopping the explorer in your life! Crafted from heavy duty PVC coated polyester with a water-resistant inner bag, the dirtbag has been designed to be the perfect travelling companion. Practical, versatile and durable, this is the present that just keeps on giving!

For the Traveller - a Booicore tee (£14.99)

Far more than just a t-shirt......oh, OK then it is just a tee shirt, but they are all darn good! Both our classic logo tee and our cool hand horn tee are made from 100% cotton, and they come in a handy Booicore cloth bag - bonus present! Designed for seasoned warriors, and in a range of 4 colours, you're sure to find the perfect one for the person you have in mind.

For the Outdoor Sports Lover - a Booicore changing towel (£30.99)

Whatever you or your family like doing outdoors - whether it be swimming, cycling or even just camping - this is the towel for you! No more changing in the car park embarrassments, or damp walks back from the shower block - just slip one of our changing towels on and you can change in comfort with no embarrassing slips!

For the little ‘n’s - Booikids changing towel (£25.99)

We had so many requests for a kid’s version of our adult's changing towel that we did just that and released the Booikids range. In a variety of colours and two sizes it’s the perfect thing for them for when they accompany you on your outdoor adventures - or when they have their swimming lesson! Featuring a cosy hood to keep their head warm and a useful pocket for their locker key and shampoo, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Stocking Fillers for Everyone

If you've got a mate who is always moaning about losing their keys then why not gift them one of our fantastic keystraps (just £2.89)? Problem solved!

Another popular stocking filler is one of our new caps (£17.99) - we have both trucker and baseball styles available. Job done!

We want you to get your Christmas shopping right, so we are always available to answer any questions you have. Just drop us a line at, or you can find us over on Instagram or Facebook too.