The Booicore Changing Towel has you covered.

The Booicore Changing Towel has you covered.

By Anita Rosebury

| Jul 25 , 2016

Picture the scene - it’s a beautiful summer’s day, the surf is up, you are enjoying the moment and then you get out of the water! All of a sudden you are soaking wet, cold and you need to get changed. #awkward! You reach for a towel only to realise it’s too small to cover your dignity whilst removing your wetsuit and trying to keep the towel around the bits that matter.

Whilst you spend all that time battling with a wetsuit, a towel and the sand that is quickly becoming your new companion, the relaxation of the last few hours is quickly subsiding. Your new focus is quickly become an increasing frustration to keep your balance whilst doing the one footed hop on the sand.

Now is the time when you wish you had a Booicore Changing Towel! The Booicore towel is the perfect solution to the above problem and many more similar scenarios. Whether you are wanting to change after a triathlon or dry off and change after a swim or water sports the Booicore will keep you covered whilst drying you and you can keep your valuables safe in the Booicore’s handy pouch.

Built to last, the Booicore towel is a high-quality towel that is large enough to protect your dignity and ensure that you don’t get caught with your pants down. Simply put the hooded towel over your head and dry in no time whilst removing your wet clothes without frightening members of the public.

Imagine the house towels you could save – no more ruining the wife’s best towels or trying to make a hand towel do the job of a bath sheet. One towel, one solution. With a handy hood and large pockets, it’s super absorbent material will have you dried off and ready to go in no time.

This product really is the perfect travel companion for all your activities including camping and days at the beach with the kids and we don’t stop there, no, we have a mini Booicore for the kids as well. In fact, you may as well treat yourself to one each for the whole family – one thing’s for sure you will certainly get the wear out of them!

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