The Health Benefits of Surfing

The Health Benefits of Surfing

By Anita Rosebury

| Aug 19 , 2019

Surfing. Our favourite water sports. Gives us the same great feeling we get after a mountain bike ride. But is there any science behind why it feels so good?

Mental Wellbeing

  • Brain function. Surfing improves your knowledge. No really, it does. When you want to go surfing, you can't just grab your poncho towel and surfboard and go. You have to check the weather, the tides, the currents and so on. Working your brain like this will widen your knowledge and keep the old grey cells ticking over.
  • Friendship. Surfing is one of those sports which can help you to "find your tribe." Surfers love to communicate with one another, when you drop in on their wave, park next to them at the beach, forget your towel and need to borrow one, are interested in what board they are on… there are lots of opportunities to talk!
  • Improves confidence. If you can surf, then you've gone from being a beginner to someone who has mastered a skill - and there is no better feeling than that.
  • Relieves tension. Combats the adverse effects of stress. Surfing is fun. Any fun activity like this will lighten your mood and prevent you from feeling anxious and depressed.

Physical Health Benefits

  • Core strength. Whether you are lying, sitting or standing on your board, your core muscles will be working hard to keep you stabilised. Your balance depends a lot on your core strength, and you will be working on this all the time you are out on the waves.
  • Heart health. Surfing is not an easy sport to master; paddling out against the waves requires a considerable effort. A consistent effort like this not only gets the heart pumping but also works the muscles in your shoulders and back as well. Any exercise which works your heart like this will help to decrease the risk of heart disease and strokes, which has to be a good thing.
  • Shoulder & back strength. As we've mentioned above, paddling against waves works your back and shoulders - contributing to the overall strength and tone of your upper body. This not only helps with flexibility but endurance and stability too.
  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium in your blood, and so is essential for healthy bones. A lack of vitamin D can also lead to a feeling of fatigue and low energy, as well as low mood. Being out in the sun on your surfboard will help top up your vitamin D levels and also release happy hormones, too. Win, win!

You can do this. You can take advantage of all these benefits. Surfing is fantastic for improving you and your family’s health in a variety of ways, so why not give it a go?