Signs You Are Addicted To Mountain Biking

Signs You Are Addicted To Mountain Biking

By Anita Rosebury

| Oct 28 , 2019

Here are booicore we love mountain biking - and if you follow us on social media you will probably already realise that! What’s not to like about it? It’s an awesome way to get healthy, you can explore the great outdoors and make lots of friends along the way. But what’s the difference between riding a mountain bike and being addicted to mountain biking?

Check out these signs to see whether you are addicted to mountain biking or not.

#1 You own more than one mountain bike. Sometimes having one mountain bike is not enough.

 #2 You are constantly exploring where you can mountain bike next.  Whether you’re at work, at home or down the pub, your brain is constantly ticking over with where you can hit the trails next. Mountain biking is always on your mind.

#3 You don’t take ‘selfies’; you take pictures of your bike. Anyone who looks at your social media pages will have no idea what you look like, but they will know your bike inside out! That’s because your profiles are filled with pictures of your bike in beautiful places.

#4 You don’t mind getting undressed in public! Well, not totally naked of course: those days are long over. But now at least you have our beach changing robe, you can get undressed after a dirty ride and no-one can see anything! In fact, our robes are so cosy that people have been known to drive home in them and even stop on the way for some shopping. 

#5 You only think about the weather in relation to mountain biking conditions. You look out of the window often, to see whether the sun is shining, it’s raining, snowing or sleeting - because you want to know how this is going to affect the mountain trails.

#6 Your car purchase thought process included the question as to whether it could carry a bike or not. You like to have your mountain bike with you at all times, just in case you come across a riding opportunity, so the only sensible option was to purchase a car which could carry it. Doesn’t matter where - whether it is on top of the car, in the back of the truck or on a bike rack - as long as you can get it in there, you’re fine.

#7 You have a secret bike fund. You eat beans on toast for a month and your car takes a while to start, but you always have money for bikes, bike components, bike accessories and gear like our dirtbag. 

#8 You are at your local bike shop so much, people think you actually work there! You visit your local bike shop a lot! And you always leave a lot lighter in the pocket than when you went in!

Do any of these ring a bell with you? Do you have any other mountain bike addiction symptoms? Let us know on our Instagram profile.