Mountain Biking 101

Mountain Biking 101

By Anita Rosebury

| Mar 23 , 2018

If you’ve been following our story, you will know that the design for our towel material robe came about from our love of mountain biking and our hatred of getting changed in car parks! Mountain biking is a real passion of ours and something that we think about whenever we add new gear to the range.  But we know that not everyone shares our passion – although they should! If you are thinking about taking up mountain biking (what’s stopping you?), we’ve pulled together everything you need to know to get started.


Mountain biking does not necessarily take place on a mountain – it takes place off-road, basically. This means that you can pretty much do it anywhere you like: in the UK alone there is a huge network of bridleways which cover thousands of miles in total. If you’re up for an adventure, like we are, then all you really need is a bike and an Ordnance Survey map and you’re away! If, however, you are just starting out then you might want to head to a mountain bike trail centre as this will have graded routes to help you get started. You will also have access to luxuries such as toilets, a café and even bike washes. 


One of the most important things you need if you want to start mountain biking, is surprise....a mountain bike. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?! Anyway, there are three main types of mountain bike – a cross-country bike, a downhill bike and a four-cross bike. Cross-country bikes are the most lightweight option of the three and they tend to have front suspension with a wide range of gears and strong brakes. These are the most popular bikes for beginners. When you have been mountain biking for a while you may want to change to a downhill bike, which is basically built for going fast! It will have a long travel suspension, different frame geometry and most importantly, tougher wheels.  The other option is a four-cross bike which is somewhere in-between.

As for other gear… Well, you can go riding in your jeans, booicore tee and trainers if you want! To be honest it’s probably best not to fork out on loads of stuff if you are just starting out, as if you don’t take to it then it will be a waste of money. Helmets are important, however, in order to give you protection on difficult terrain. Mountain bike helmets tend to have holes in the surface to keep your head ventilated at low speeds and should also fit firmly on your head and have enhanced rear head coverage as well. If you are venturing into downhill mountain biking territory, then you will need a full-face helmet as you will be travelling at high speeds on much more dangerous terrain.


You don’t actually have to partake in mountain biking to enjoy the thrill; there are lots of mountain biking events that take place all through the country, where you can go and marvel at the skill and fitness of the people taking part. These events tend to be a relaxed affair – a bit like a festival – and are something that we like to do a lot. For more information on mountain biking events in your area, click here. 

If you do decide to join us and become a mountain bike nut, then you will need to grab one of our towel material robes to protect your modesty when getting changed. For more information about our range of adventure gear you can call us on 01625 520 017 (during office hours) or send an email to