How Can Swimming Help Your Kids At School?

How Can Swimming Help Your Kids At School?

By Anita Rosebury

| Oct 04 , 2017

Back to School probably seems a distant memory, but your kids may still not be back into the routine. Maybe this was their first year at school, or maybe they haven't settled in as well as you hoped. Did you know that exercise, such as swimming, can be a big help? Here are some reasons why encouraging your child to take up an activity can help with the school routine:

Easier Bedtimes

As parents ourselves we are well aware of what a struggle bedtime can be, with tantrums and tears being a regular occurrence. While we can't promise that regular exercise will put an end to bedtime blues, research has shown that taking part in an exercise on a regular basis can help children to drift off to sleep more quickly and also improve the quality of their sleep. 

Happier Mornings

Often the backlash of a terrible bedtime can be an awful morning with you struggling to get your kids out of bed, breakfast down them and uniform on in time for school. Again, exercise is not a miracle worker, but the fact that if they are partaking in exercise such as swimming means, they will sleep better should have a knock-on effect in the morning meaning they wake up more refreshed and ready to go!

Regular Routine

It can sometimes be hard for children to take direction from parents, and this means that after the summer holidays or half term breaks they can struggle to adjust to being under the teacher's instruction again. If they partake in a sporting activity outside of school where they have to follow a coach's direction - such as football - then they are likely to be able to adjust back to the school environment more quickly.


Following on from the above, the fact that partaking in a sporting activity with a coach/teacher, means they are having to concentrate and take instruction, which can only be a positive as it will help your child learn to be able to focus their attention better at school. The modern world is full of technological distractions such as ipads and smartphones, helping kids to stay focused on learning through physical activity can only be a good thing.

Team Spirit

One of the major benefits of exercise for kids is the team spirit. Joining a group of like-minded children for a game or lesson is a good way to help them to interact socially, communicate confidently, improve their teamwork skills and show empathy to others. If they are moving up to secondary school in the next couple of years, this can really help with the first-day nerves as well. 

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