Mountain Biking: How to find the time to ride

Mountain Biking: How to find the time to ride

By Anita Rosebury

| Oct 13 , 2017

If you know anything about us, you probably know that we are obsessed with mountain biking. Like literally obsessed. However, with full-time jobs and kids to look after, it can be tough for us to indulge our passion for bikes without a little bit of planning. Here are our top tips we've picked up over the years to make sure you always find time to ride:

Stay Local

Although there are some awesome trails all over the UK that are worth travelling to - the actual travel time can be a killer when you have a busy schedule.  So, just open your front door, get on your bike and go! Even if you live in a big city such as Manchester, there are still some great riding spots to be found - act like a kid, jump on your bike and start pedalling.

Shop Online

Why are we talking about grocery shopping in an article about mountain biking - well, if you want to find the time to bike, you need to save as much time as possible in your day to day life. So, although doing your grocery shopping online can be a bit of a pain, to begin with, once you have done one shop it pretty much looks after itself. So, the two hours you would have spent travelling the supermarket can be spent out on your bike instead.

Get it on the Calendar

Have a look at the kitchen calendar now. Go on. We bet its full of the kid's afterschool activities and parties. Now, take a pen, pick a date and under your name write 'Mountain Bike Ride'. Not only will your family take note of it when they look at the calendar, but you will massively increase the likelihood of you actually doing it if you have a set date in mind.

Ride on your Own

Now we love riding with a big group of people as much as the next person- someone to share the highs and lows of the trail with. But getting everyone together on the same day and time can be a huge hassle. So, instead of waiting for other people, when you have some free time just get on your bike. Simple. And if your life is anything like as busy as ours then you probably need a bit of solo time anyway.

Get Your Stuff Ready in Advance

If you are going to bike a real trail, then it can be slightly more faffy than just getting on your bike and going. You will need some kit such as clothing, chain lube, tyre pump, changing robe and so on. Give yourself a head start and have your kit all organised in advance so you can just grab it and go. Our dirtbag is perfect for this. You can load it up with a spare inner pump, water bottle, and multi-tool and leave it in your car boot. Then you are ready for anything.

To grab your very own booicore changing robe, perfect for covering up in the car park after a ride, or a dirtbag to keep your kit in just head over to our website. Why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook too? We share loads of bike related stuff.