6 Things Adventure Travellers Shouldn't Leave Home Without

We love a good adventure trip here at booicore, exploring new places and enjoying new experiences, but we know that the actual act of travelling itself can be quite stressful. No matter how much of a planner you are, you will inevitably leave something behind that you need - such as your toothbrush or your favourite hoody. Of course, things like this you can usually pick up quite cheaply at your destination, but some things are harder to replace. So, here is our list of the things you really need to make sure you have with you when you head off on your next adventure:

  • Booicore Laundry Bag - If you’re anything like us, whenever you go off on an adventure you will end up carrying loads of things! Your backpack will get full pretty quickly – and be heavy – so you won’t want to take it everywhere with you. This is where our laundry bag store comes in pretty handy. Light and easy to pack, you can use it as a separate bag when you are exploring, to carry your essential items and maybe slip a souvenir or two in. You could also use it for what it’s meant for - keeping your dirty pants away from your clean ones!
  • Lip Balm – it’s not just for girls! During travel, if you go on a plane and are doing more outdoor activities than you would normally, you may find that your lips get drier than usual, so lip balm is really essential. You can also use it for loads of other things as well - such as soothing dry hands, soothing shaving nicks, taming your flyaway hair, eye cream, preventing blisters and so on. A real multi-purpose item to have in your travelling kit
  • Moist Towelettes (also known as wet wipes) - these little pockets of loveliness are easy to pack, giving you the option of freshening up wherever you are with as little fuss as possible. You can also use them to wipe down your phone, camera and your shoes – pretty much everything, really
  • Towel Poncho - You never know when you might need a towel! You might arrive at your hotel to find they don’t provide towels, or get caught in a freak rainstorm while you are exploring, or even find that the showers are miles away from your tent, caravan or room. Our hooded towel poncho covers everything you need it to and is great as an extra layer on cold days too
  • Portable Power Bank - When you are off on an adventure, you will probably find that you are using your phone more than usual. Looking up places to go, capturing memories on photos and videos and keeping in touch with friends and family. These are all things that will quickly drain your battery. One thing we know about adventures is that access to a power point is never guaranteed. This is where a portable power bank proves itself to be invaluable.
  • Power Strip - Nothing is worse than arriving at a hotel or hostel to find there is only one plug point in the room. How are you supposed to charge your phone and your GoPro while also having a lamp on and an alarm clock? This is why you need to pack a power strip. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be bulky; there are some slim and light versions on the market today that are specially built for travel.

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