A booicore Robe Makes An Epic Christmas Gift says Velo Me!

We always love customer feedback at booicore, be it good or bad as you are the guys who are using our gear day after day. We love it when you give us great feedback - in fact, we can often be seen doing a little happy dance in the office when you do.

So, this morning we were absolutely over the moon to receive this message from the lovely Jessica Strange over at the Velo Me blog:

who got in touch with us to say she loved our product so much she had included us in her epic women's gift guide (cue happy dance!)

You should head on over to Velo Me and check out her Christmas gift guide, as it is pretty epic (if we do say so ourselves!) but if you don't have time here is what she wrote about us:

Personally, we are going to use the terms 'land mermaid' and 'ocean goat' from now on!

Anyway, thank you so much to Jessica for such a lovely review and we hope Father Christmas brings you everything you want this year x