Stay earth-friendly this summer – ‘Booicare’ for our planet!

As you know, we love being in the great outdoors – whether it is on our bikes, surfboard, or just exploring our beautiful world. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we always have our towel poncho for adults and children with us.

However, being out in nature all the time has made us realise that the things we do have an impact on it and that we really need to focus on the environment and what we can do to save it. We have also realised that one of the easiest ways to become more environmentally conscious and energy efficient is to make small changes in the home.

Here are some tips, for ways you can be more eco-friendly day to day:


One of the most common household tasks that use a lot of energy and water is washing, but you can reduce the impact of this in the following ways:

Wash on a cooler setting – hot water washes should only be used on towels and badly stained items. If you do the majority of your washing at a lower temperature, such as 30 or 40 degrees, then you will use about 85% less energy each time.

Wash bigger loads, such as your Booicore changing towels or t-shirts - you should really only run your washing machine when it is full as doing lots of smaller loads uses lots of energy. Doing lots of small loads also uses more water, so if you wait until you have a full load before you run it, you will not only be helping to protect the environment, but you will save yourself money, too.

Use energy-efficient appliances - electrical appliances in the UK are rated using the European Union energy rating system which grades them from A (the best) through to G (the worst). The ratings for washing machines are based on a cotton cycle at 60 degrees with a maximum load of 6kg. If you switch to using a more energy efficient machine, then this will have a big impact on energy saving, as well as preventing wear and tear on your clothes.

Use your dryer less. We know that a dryer can be a lifesaver for many busy parents, but it can be expensive and energy-draining. We're not saying give it up totally, as some heavy fabrics will take forever to dry otherwise, but using an alternative drying method such as air drying or a drying rack for drying your clothes can make a huge difference. It also reduces the risk of pieces fading and shrinking.

Fresh food

Fresh food is another household item that tends to use a lot of energy. You can reduce your energy consumption though in the following ways:

Keep your fridge full. Similar to a washing machine, your fridge and freezer will use less energy the fuller they are, as an empty fridge has to work hard to cool the air.  So, the fuller you can keep your fridge, the better. An excuse to keep it topped up with a nice chilled beer, ready for your return home after a long day on your bike!

If you are a lover of the great outdoors like we are, then it just makes sense to try and protect it so that we can carry on enjoying it. Following some of our tips will help us all to do that.